Droppix Recorder 2.5.1

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Droppix Recorder 2.5.1برنامج Droppix Recorder جديد , وهو بمثابة " ثورة " في عالم الديجيتال - ميديا ! البرنامج عبارة عن مجموعة متكاملة من الأدوات لنسخ السيديهات والدي في دي ولتبادل الأفلام وعرضها على جهاز الدي في دي البيتي - وهو بالإضافة إلى ذلك يستطيع التعامل وبسهولة مع ملفات الإيزو البرنامج يعتبر ورشة كاملة لنسخ أقراص CD & DVD ويتميز كذالك بسرعته الكبيرة في مجال النسخة والنسخ الأمن ويمكنك كذالك أنشاء أقراص MP3 بكل سهولة بواسطة هذا البرنامج

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Droppix Recorder
Full-featured and simple-to-use solution for recording or copying CDs and DVDs

This software offers you the most complete and easiest to use solution for copying and burning all your files to CD and DVD!
Droppix Recorder is a universal software suite that has made a name for itself based on both its powerful features and its ease of use. Droppix Recorder is a complete solution for all your CD and DVD burning needs.

Whether you are creating your own music compilations, burning your vacation memories, making a copy of your favorite CD, or simply backing up your important data files to CD or DVD ... Droppix Recorder makes it simple!

With Droppix Recorder, burning and copying a CD or DVD is so easy, even a child can do it. Access to most functions is just one click away and a variety of detailed assistants are available to simplify even the most complex functions. You are assured of optimum results no matter what type of disc or project.

For experienced users, Droppix Recorder's advanced functionality is easily accessible throughout the user interface.

Droppix Recorder is a universal solution for all your data recording projects — from the simple back up of personal files to the more sophisticated periodic back up of files and automatically synchronizing modified documents.

Droppix Recorder supports all burning methods (Disk-at-Once
, Track-at-Once, Multisession, Overburning, etc.) and supports all major media formats including CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM as well as the recent double-layer DVD.

Easily create your own custom music mixes from your library of digital music files, and burn CDs that can be played on your home or car CD player.

Droppix Recorder offers a variety of tools and functions optimized for music lovers including an integrated multimedia reader, a digital audio converter, rip music from audio CDS, automatic download of track and album titles via CDDB, an ID3 tag editor, and support for CD-TEXT.

Burn your home videos and digital films to CD or DVD and share your memories and storytelling with friends and family with discs that play on your home DVD player. Simply drop your video files into the Droppix workspace and the software does the rest!

A wide variety of video formats are supported including: Video CD (VCD), Super Video CD (SVCD), Extended Video CD (XVCD), Extended Super Video CD (XSVCD), Mini-DVD and DVD.

Here are some key features of "Droppix Recorder":

· Brand-new graphical interface even more intuitive and user-friendly
· Support for Blu-Ray discs (BD-ROM, BD-R and BD-RE)
· Includes new Droppix Label Maker Lite 2.8 to burn LightScribe silkscreen-quality disc labels
· New Droppix SmartDisc wizard to simplify all recording and printing projects
· Support for MPC audio files as well as FLAC and APE lossless formats
· Easy creation of crossfades between tracks
· MP3 encoder (Lame library needed)
· Automatic volume adjustment of all tracks on an album
· New built-in search wizard to find any document in seconds
· Fast and secure data backup in just a few clicks
· Simple and intuitive user interface
· Support for CD, CD-RW, DVD+-R/W, DVD+-R DL and DVD-RAM
· Easy creation of music CDs and sophisticated multimedia compilations
· Exact 1:1 copies for all non-protected discs
· Rip music from your audio CDs
· Create, convert and display disc images (ISO, BIN, NRG, ...)
· Create video discs playable on your home DVD player
· Automatically download and update your drive's firmware
· Analysis and performance test tools
· Supports most available burners
· Integrated online help and free online product upgrades


· Pentium class CPU
· 256 MB RAM
· DirectX 8.1 or later


· 30 days trial
· Nag screen
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نظام التشغيل: Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista
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